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Knowledge from the past

“Unceasing, steady and intelligent agitation is the life blood of the labor movement. Agitation provokes discussion and discussion results in enlightenment and education.” ¬†¬† Peter J. McGuire August 4, 1890


Learn about your rights on the job

“Any member accused and found guilty of excessive work and/or rushing on the job shall be fined not less than Fifty ($50.00) ¬†Dollars.”

“Any member so accused and found guilty of driving or rushing men under his supervision, or who uses abusive language in directing the work shall be fined not less than Fifty ($50.00) Dollars.”

From “By-Laws and Working Rules” Chicago and Northeast Illinois District Council of Carpenters March 5, 1998.

Things were different then. What would a steward do now? Or a business agent?

Know your Contract

“Employees covered by this Agreement shall not perform work on a piecework basis” (Commercial Area Agreement for Cook, Lake and DuPage counties 2010-2014)

This leaves for interpretation the idea of a “quota”, requirement of how much has to be done in a given amount of time. And how to determine what that means. For example, hanging 12 sheets of drywall with few cutouts or 12 sheets around corners with lots of cutouts. Or running 50 feet of base with 3 miters or 50 feet with 15 miters.